The Island of Iž is situated in northern Dalmatia, between Dugi otok and Ugljan. Island Iž has two tourist villages: Veli Iž and Mali Iž - beatiful little villages, surrounded by figtrees, olivegardens and vegetable plantations. Mali Iž consists of 5 dwelings, Porovac, Makovac, Muće and on the seaside Knez and Komoševa. It is well known for its long fishing tradition. Mali Iž offers private accommodation in apartments, rooms and pansions. Veli Iž is a small tourist village with a hotel, a marina, a few restaurants and caffe´s.
Veli Iž, a locality on the western part of the Zadar island of Iž is an ideal place for a peaceful summer vacation. The traditional professions of the inhabitants are fishing and agriculture, and these guarantee the homemade food that is offered here. The daily boat line with Zadar makes it easily accessible for families with small children. A quiet place with well-proportioned architecture has several lovely structures in the Romanesque style. Valuable exhibits can be found in the Heritage Museum. Veli Iž has a preserved old nucleus, and in the center of the locality stands the renewed church of St Peter and Paul.
The ethnographic collection of Veli Iž preserves numerous examples of authentic Iž ceramics and tools used for the traditional pottery craft. Considering that there are about 10 islets around Iž, boaters can enjoy visiting the coves and beaches, and should not miss a visit to National Park Kornati. 
The key cultural event of the summer on the island is the famous Iž Feast. The locals dress in traditional costumes, perform old dances and songs, and prepare homemade food for the numerous guests and visitors. The peak of the ceremony is choosing the King of Iž for a mandate of one year. This ancient custom is part of the tradition of the entire Zadar archipelago. The Feast marks the peak of the season. It is a traditional event lasting two days. Each year a new King of Iž is elected. He is a symbolic ruler without authority who presented the population of Iz back in ancient times. There are several contests between the northern and the southern part of Veli Iž taking place in a variety of disciplines, such as: water polo, potato bag racing, rope pulling and soccer. Pilchards are grilled and served for free. Every evening ends with an open-air party and a concert of renowned performers.
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